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Melts in Your Moo

“Not a fan of Skittles used as cattle feed -But M&M’s would be awesome.”
“Not a fan of Skittles used as cattle feed  – But M&M’s would be awesome.”

No Crock

"The winter of our dicontent made a helluva lot better by slow cookerd meals."
“Charlene decided to set her life on low and slow for the next four to six hours… and left all the crazy out there.”

Mug Shot

"Considering current events - Not feeling comfortable with this Moscow Mule thing."
“The Moscow Mule mug of today,will be the garage sale darling of tomorrow.”


"The guy who invented General Tso's Chicken died. Finally, I can get a night's sleep."
“The guy who invented General Tso’s Chicken has died. To celebrate his life, I ordered some Vegetable Lo Mein.”

Family Traditions

"Your cousin Rita called, she's making that potatoes cooked in the dishwasher recipe and you need to stop her."
“Cousin Rita called.She’s cooking that potatoes in the dishwasher recipe from BuzzFeed.”

National Fast Food Day

 'It's a Tyranasaurus nugget - you know, for the kids."
‘Woolly Mammoth Nuggets – You know, for the kids.”

Fake It ‘Till You Bake It

"We need to get ahead of the rends - That's why rainbow sprinkles will be the main inredient."
“Buttercream is so last year. Rainbow sprinkles is now your reality.”

National Dessert Day

"As soon as we're done with jazzy yoga, let's celebrate antional dessert day."
“Right after jazzy yoga, I always need ice-cream.”


"The recipe card in this pre-portioned dinner box tells us what to do, not you."
“We’re going to devote all our attention to this pre-portioned dinner box recipe card. Cooking and complaining with wine, what could go wrong?”

Talk Like a Pirate Day

""Arrr, matey, want fries with that?"
“”Arrr, matey, our salmon walk the cedar plank to the grill.”