Vaccination Land

Jan 23

"The Mickey Mouse shaped rash on your torso may indeed be measles."

“The Mickey Mouse shaped rash on your torso is measles – not a reaction to eating cheese.”

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Call Him On It

Jan 22

"Being a manager means I manage... So, I'm requesting you let that happen."

“I administered, completed and sent you the status email.  Now let’s chat about your micromanagement.”

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Jan 20

"Rusty, you're in charge of testing all the Super Bowl balls. Just make sure you wipe all the drool."

“Rusty, as an experienced deflater -You’re now the official ball tester for the Super Bowl.”

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Relay This

Jan 17

"I'm wearing a fitbit - it measures calories used in raising my glass."

“My Fitbit is a dream compared to my old ankle monitor.”

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Let’s Roll

Jan 16

"Mona suddenly realizes: a)She's over status quo b)She can't fix stupid c)She's going to be her own boss d)All of the above

“Mona suddenly realizes: a)She’s over status quo b)She can’t fix stupid c)She’s going to be her own boss d)All of the above

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Fasten Yourself

Jan 15

"I'm going to read now - So, do whatever you do until we land."

“I’m going to check out SkyMall… What are you going to do?”

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Dog Stop

Jan 14

"We can't believe you took a bus here... Instead of the dog park."

“Since you took the bus – I guess we can order another round.”


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