Sep 27

"Well, that was a fun 90 minutes. Two more episodes to go - like on NetFlix."

“Well, that was a fun 90 minutes.Two more episodes to go.”

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Just Breathe

Sep 27

"When you tell us you're smart because you don't pay taxes... That makes me feel badly for being an honest, hard working taxpayer - who drives on roads that are falling apart."

“Positive thoughts, green tea, meditation… Nothing Braggadocios.”

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Sep 26

"In Tech you don't find too many folks over 40. Over 50? Nope. Over 60? That's where you'll find the Presidential hopefuls."

“In Tech they avoid hiring folks over 40. Over 50? Nope. Over 60? That’s where you’ll find the Presidential hopefuls.”

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Pet Peeves

Sep 25

"People are tired of the endless barking and hissing - they want solutions."

“People are tired of the endless barking – They wanna hear the plan, Stan.”

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Monday Night Live

Sep 23

"We could have a debate party. Lot's of popcorn and crying towels."

“We could have a debate party – With lots of popcorn and crying towels.”

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Your Dog Wants to Tell You

Sep 22


"It's got a crunchy texture, with peas and carrot thingies. How do we tell these people we just want hamburgers."

“Totally over kibble with peas & carrot thingies.How do we convince them we just want burgers?”

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Dress Coded

Sep 20

"The fact that we can wear cargo shorts to work is everything."

“No jeans,no khakis, just cargo shorts.”

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