“Can’t keep a poker face with all the checking, betting, calling & raising;  totally over screwy politicians and batty celebrities.” 

Stamping Ground

“Rusty, you’ve had vast dealings with the U.S. Postal Service; barking, begging, leash pulling… Trying to get your read on the proposed stamp price hike.” 

Nana Knows

“Nobody’s more plugged into the 24/7 news cycle than Grandma… So, Nikki Haley’s resignation didn’t make this gurl drop her bingo card.” 


“A meteorologist from the National Hurricane Center? A climatologist providing urgent facts? Nope. Kanye West for White House lunch & learn.” 

Full-Court Press

“Long before bingo & bunco, this grandma was a noted lawyer and judge. I had patience, courtesy, compassion, common sense, tact, couragepunctuality, firmness,and understanding. Right, Harold?” 

Look Alert

“The Presidential Alert is not the same as a tweet. One is ONLY A TEST, the other a test in patience.”