Reinvention:The Mother of Necessity

Aug 29

"Gloria kicks off Labor Day Weekend by wondering what her dream job should be."

“Gloria kicks off Labor Day weekend by quitting, updating LinkedIn and re-imagining her life.”

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Power of Now

Aug 28

"As summer comes to an end, Mona reminisces about her favorite iced speciality drinks."

“Spotting Halloween candy & flu shots…. Mona decides she will not be fast -forwarded into fall.”

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Mood Swinger

Aug 27

"At 3:00 a.m Sheila decides to get up and bitch to the moon."

“At 3:30 a.m Sheila decides to get up and bitch at the moon.”

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Aug 26

"Larry quits his job and becomes a binge-watcher."

“Larry quits his job to become a professional binge-watcher.”

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Aug 25

"Vaping is one thing - Liver & Cheese is another."

“Vaping is one thing – But liver & cheese?”

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Back To The Land

Aug 22

"Yep, I'm an urban farmer."

“Tomato crop is ready for harvesting.”

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UnCharted Waters

Aug 21

"The FDA says eat more fish... So, you're next."

“The FDA says eat more fish… And mercury.”

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