Back To The Land

Aug 22

"Yep, I'm an urban farmer."

“Tomato crop is ready for harvesting.”

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UnCharted Waters

Aug 21

"The FDA says eat more fish... So, you're next."

“The FDA says eat more fish… And mercury.”

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Aug 20

"During the Nutella shortage - We'll be substiuting marshmallow Fluff."

“Due to the Nutella shortage…  We’ll be serving Marshmallow Fluff.”

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Drive Your Passion

Aug 19

"Tired of book clubs and luncheons, Sheila contemplates becoming a trucker."

“Bored with book club…  Sheila decides to become a long-haul trucker.”

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Fast Forward

Aug 17

"Pumpkin Spice Latte's are here.... Buh-Bye Summer."

“Pumpkin Spice Latte = Buh-bye summer.”

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Fair Food Innovators

Aug 14

"We need to invent the next deep fried pop rocks donut."

“Deep fried bacon wrapped Twinkies with Pop Rocks… Right here, right now.”

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SunnySide Up

Aug 12

""I'm walking now... Can I call your negative attitude back later?"

“”I’m walking now… Can I call your negative attitude back later?”

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