It Ain’t Over

Apr 23

"Mona reinvents herself and her online profile."

“Mona takes the first step to reinventing her life in comfy flats.” 

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Apr 22

"Powdered alcohol?  Like we're not busy enough!"

“Powdered alcohol? Like we’re not busy enough.”

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Rich Dog, Poor Dad

Apr 21

"Pets are a 50 billion dollar industry -Time for us to control it."

“Pets are a 50 billion dollar industry; Time for us to control it.”

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Hoppin’ Old School

Apr 18

"Egg whites only, no peanuts, milk free chocolate....  What happened to three Peeps and two Cadbury Eggs?"

“Peeps, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Jelly Beans…  I don’t do organic dark chocolate with sea salt.”

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Housewives Try-Outs

Apr 16

"The botox, the bitching, the trying to look like we're 30 - yeah, we got it all going on."

“We’ve got Botox Bitchin’ Bourgeois #BravoTV lives.”


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Sandal Ready?

Apr 15

"a)Menopausal Mauve b)Seeing Red c)Rough Heels Honey d)Frostin' You e)Hot Pink Flash f)Leave Me Alone Blue

“a)Menopausal Mauve b)Seeing Red  c)Rough Heels Honey  d)Shut The Frost Up  e)Leave Me Abalone f)Sequin Sweat.”

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Executive Bonus

Apr 14

"CEO pay is 231 times the average worker... By the time they meet with me, it's all worthless."

“CEO pay is 273 times the average worker; When they finally meet me I’m like, Dude I don’t care.”

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