Most Important Meal

Oct 06

"You're thinking about all day breakfast at McDonalds, aren't you?"

“You’re overthinking all day breakfast at McDonald’s.”

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Guns & Noses

Oct 02

"We're not man's best friend, their firearms are."

“How about the right to bear common sense?”

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Work Jerks

Sep 30

"Seriously, I'm the boss from hell."

“I am the boss from Hell… Satellite campus.”

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National Coffee All Day

Sep 29

"a)Regular B)Decaf C)Jacked Up d)Mocha Choca Latte Whatever e)KCup

“a) Morning Jolt b) Midday Freak Out c)Afternoon Rant d) Pumpkin Panicky e)Gates of Hell K Cup” 

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Wet & Wild

Sep 28

"Nasa's memo about the liquid water on Mars... Time to open the bottling plant."

“NASA’s memo about Mars…  Dammit, they found our water park!”

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Not So Angry Birds

Sep 25

"With daily meditation and mindfulness, I'm no longer angry."

“With daily meditation & mindfulness,  I’m no longer bitter & confrontational.”

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Chick To Chick

Sep 25

"I'm puzzled by women who say they're feminist - and don't help other women."

“I’m puzzled by women who say they’re feminists – and don’t help other women.”

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