Downward Dogged

Oct 19

"This dog treat entitles me to ten minutes of drool free yoga."

“This dog treat entitles me to 15 minutes of drool-free yoga.”

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Airport Screen Test

Oct 17

"They told me I didn't have a temperature and I'm not ovulating."

They told me I didn’t have a temperature and I’m not ovulating.”

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Oct 16

"Clipboard guy in a sea of hazmat suits... Really?"

“Clipboard guy with guys in hazmat suits; One of these things is not like the other.”

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Fortune 500 Teller

Oct 15

"I don't know about your family - but your stocks are sliding."

” Your stocks are sliding.”

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That Sinking Feeling

Oct 14

"Mona's reaction when there is no app for that."

“Mona discovers there’s no app for that.”

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Dog Stress

Oct 12

"Stop over-peeing me."

“Stop over-peeing me.”

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Oct 10

"Male CEO's making millions - telling us not to ask for a raise... Maybe I should ask him to take his foot out of his mouth."

“CEO making millions tells women not to ask for a raise?   Let’s now tell him to remove foot from mouth.”

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