Stocking Un-Stuffer

Dec 19

"Sheila's wish list no longer includes decorative crap that needs dusting or storage."

“Sheila’s wishlist: No stress, a good night’s sleep, and less plastic food containers.”

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Less is Less

Dec 17

"The job opportunity sounds like a match - Now, tell me again why the salary is lower for women?"

“My goal is to make the same as my male counterparts… So, put that on your to-do list.”

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Dec 16

"Almost all our friends and family are virtual - So, ecards it is."

“Skip the holiday newsletter…  We brag enough on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.”

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Cows at Work

Dec 15

"My new website promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle."

“Extra sharp cheddar? So over bad grab bag gifts.”

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Non-Compete Claus

Dec 14

"Elf on a shelf is the is same as calling in sick... An I clear?"

“Elf on the Shelf?  Don’t even…”

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Dec 11

"In lieu of a holiday party - We're asking employees  to just suck it up and deal."

“In lieu of a holiday party – We’re asking employees to vent about which managers suck.”

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Pharm Aid

Dec 10

"Generic drug prices jumped 1000 percent..We're now offering free shoulders to cry on."

“Since generic drug prices jumped 1,000 percent – We’re offering free shoulders to cry on.”

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