Take Your Dog To Work Day

Jun 24

"You can't keep going out and getting a treat every five minutes.."

“Stop marking my corner office with a dramatic view.”

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National Iced-Tea Day

Jun 10

"Would you like an antibiotic for that lemon wedge?"

“Would you like more iced-tea or an antibiotic for that lemon wedge?”

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Vote of Confidence

Jun 09

"The kids were Bernie fans, Uncle Stan's for Trump, We're for Hillary and Grandma still misses FDR."

“Grandma misses FDR, the kids liked Bernie, Uncle Stan’s for Trump, we’re with Hillary…  One thing we all agree on, no reunion this summer.”

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World Oceans Day

Jun 08

"All you can eat shrimp for World Oceans Day."

“Peel-and-Eat shrimp for World Oceans Day…  Once we peel all the plastic waste, we can dine.”

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Bloggers Block Blahs

Jun 08

"Hmm, maybe today I'll blog about my cat."

” I could post about my cat, or this cup of coffee or the rash on my leg or…”

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Scope Creepers

Jun 07

"They laid off all the folks who normally do this work, and now they expect us to do it?"

“They laid off the folks who normally do this work… Now they expect us to do it or whatever.”

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Let’s Go Out

Jun 06

New report says baby boomers waste money eating out... We take home the most leftovers."

“Where do you want to eat? That’s not a rhetorical question… You decide for a change.”

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