Me, Myself & My Dog

Mar 26

"I'd rather spend my time with a loving dog than a rude person any day."

“I’d rather hang with my dog than dumbass people any day.”

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Spirits Guide

Mar 25

"I'm all about eating out - Because everything in my freezer has been recalled."

“Everything in my fridge has been recalled… Just wine is just fine.”

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Mar 24

"Press one for English,  two for Spanish and three for Aggravation?"

“Press one for English, two for Spanish or three for Amish.”

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March & Madness

Mar 22

"I'll stop checking my brackets when you stop checking your brackets."

“I’m slammed checking brackets, scores, watching games…  So you’re the Project Manager until after Final Four.”


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End Game

Mar 20

"I'm not about the drama. Just let me do my job and go home."

“No co-ed softball league?  This company sucks.”

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Work Weak

Mar 19

"It's a message from HR  But they misspelled HR."

“It’s a message from HR…  But they misspelled HR.”

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Whack & Cheese

Mar 18

"No metal in our mac & cheese... Occasionally a cat hair, but that's it."

“No metal in our mac & cheese…  Sometimes traces of plutonium, but no metal.”

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