Category: Weather

Winter’s Here

"Listen kid, forget the buttons ... Let me sleep in your garage."
“Listen Lady, forget the buttons-It’s freezing, let me sleep in your garage.”

32 Degrees of Separation

"It's called packable down., because I've got three more jackets in my purse."
“Don’t worry about the frigid cold, we’ve got packable down…Plus extra jackets in my purse.”

Together With Florida

"Thankfully I'm an alligator kept in a NYC's apartment."
“I may be an alligator kept in a NYC apartment- But I’m overwhelmed with worry for my Florida family.”

Meanwhile in Maryland

"We're hooking up guys up to the sled and mushing to Starbucks."
“We’re gonna hook you guys up to the sled and mush to Starbucks.”

Storm Hoarders

"Blizzard warning means I need to get the essentials" milk, bread and three bags of snacks."
“There’s not a loaf of gluten free bread or almond milk to be found in the tri-state area.”

Oh, El Nino!

"Your at home Shaman kit worked - It's finally raining here."
“That Home Shaman Kit really works – It’s finally raining.”

NatGeo Swimsuit Edition

"Told you Antarctica would be the new Miami."
“Antarctica is the new Miami.”


"Why do people leave dogs & babies in hot cars -- but always remember their cell phones?"
“Why do people remember their phones, but forget dogs & kids in hot cars?”

Hot In Vegas

"Hydration therapy dog...
“Hydration therapy dogs are trained to alert on triple digit days.”

The Very Cold Snowman


"Listen kid, forget the buttons ... Let me sleep in your garage."
“Forget the buttons, tell your parents I need a shot of whiskey.”