Category: Trends

Groundhog Headquarters

"Wrong! Early Spring."
“Winter, you’re fired! In six weeks I’m hiring spring.” 

Chaos to Order

"As the world turns increasingly crazy - Mona's new closet organzing system is strangely calming."
“As the world turns increasingly crazy – Mona’s new closet organizer system is oddly calming.”

Booth Banter

"As long as we don't talk politics, medical procedures, or which foods make you gassy - we're good."
“Which wine goes with no talking about politics or medical procedures?” 

Hiring Freeze Pops

"Job Freezer Pops new flavors a)Longer Lines Lime b)Food Safety Strawberry c)Infrastructure Ripple  d)OMG Orange."
” Hiring Freeze Pop Flavors a)Iced Infrastructure b)Longer Lines Lime c)Not Inspected RazzleBerry.”


"To keep grizzly bears out of the classrooms... Fine by me, I hated calculus."
“Grizzly bears can determine school gun laws? Get to the part about school lunch laws.”

Free Press, Lotsa Stress

"Wonder how Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen would cover him?"
“Over at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Clark Kent & Jimmy Olsen are also a tad wary.” 

No Crock

"The winter of our dicontent made a helluva lot better by slow cookerd meals."
“Charlene decided to set her life on low and slow for the next four to six hours… and left all the crazy out there.”

Bee Afraid

"It's official, bumbleebees are now on the official endangered species list... Just like mainstream journalism."
“Bumblebees are now on the official endangered species list… Just like journalism.”

Bird Watchers

"Iconic bald eagle worries Twitter Bird will replace him."
“Iconic bald eagle frets that Twitter Bird may replace him.”