Category: Technology

Today’s Special

“Our menu got hacked. Soup of the day is Senate Bean, not borscht.”

Hacking Holidays

"The card if postmarked from Minsk, but signed Gary & Sheila -
“The postmarks are from Minsk,signed by a Boris & Ludmila-Guess our holiday card list has been breached.”

Your Year, You Watch It

"It's the Adelmans, they want to know if we watched their year in review on Facebook."
“It’s the Adelmans. They want to know if we watched their 2016 Year in Review on Facebook.”


"In Tech you don't find too many folks over 40. Over 50? Nope. Over 60? That's where you'll find the Presidential hopefuls."
“In Tech they avoid hiring folks over 40. Over 50? Nope. Over 60? That’s where you’ll find the Presidential hopefuls.”

No Jack, No Problem

"Since my hearing is great - no need to pay extra for wireless headphones."
“Since our hearing is superior – We don’t need no stinking headphones.”

Fitness Tracked

"The app says we have do go another mile just to burn off the hazelnut creamer."
“The app says another mile to burn off  hazelnut creamer. But, the bagel has already merged with my midriff.”

Click Bait

"I Like all your posts and you never Like mine."
“I  always ‘Like’ your posts and you never ‘Like’ mine.”

Chart the Course

"They hated our charts... So, let's just go with stick figures and bolder colors."
“Bold colors, readable fonts, simple graphics… Everything we needed to know about creating charts-we learned in kindergarten.”

Down By The Old Live-Stream

"We were preparing for retirement while our employers were preparing to lay us off."
“If I get one more Live Video notification from anyone or anything…  I’m going back to a rotary phone.”