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Free Press, Lotsa Stress

"Wonder how Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen would cover him?"
“Over at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Clark Kent & Jimmy Olsen are also a tad wary.” 

Crappy Hour

Can we just talk about work- Current events are wearing us out.”
“Can we just talk about work-Current events are wearing us out.”

Bird Watchers

"Iconic bald eagle worries Twitter Bird will replace him."
“Iconic bald eagle frets that Twitter Bird may replace him.”

Your Year, You Watch It

"It's the Adelmans, they want to know if we watched their year in review on Facebook."
“It’s the Adelmans. They want to know if we watched their 2016 Year in Review on Facebook.”

Total Recall

"My phone's been recalled, my car's been recalled and now the hummus... So, when you ask me what's wrong, that's what's wrong."
“They recalled the car, the phone and now the hummus.Sure do miss those old-fangled, moth-eaten product quality & safety requirements.”


"The election went on for so long, that Mona & Phil started morphing into something they couldn't control."
“During this political season, Mona & Phil morphed into people even their Facebook friends didn’t recognize.”  

Voter Priorities

"Economy, healthcare, jobs, security, infrastructure,
“Economy, jobs, security, infrastructure and another 15 topics … But not pageant winners.”

Click Bait

"I Like all your posts and you never Like mine."
“I  always ‘Like’ your posts and you never ‘Like’ mine.”

Down By The Old Live-Stream

"We were preparing for retirement while our employers were preparing to lay us off."
“If I get one more Live Video notification from anyone or anything…  I’m going back to a rotary phone.”