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Super Boomers

"No drink specials for female superheroes?  Like, really?."
“As women over fifty, going through menopause is our super power.”


"I'm the Puppy Bowl Halftime show."
“I’m the Puppy Bowl Halftime show.”


"40 teaspoons of sugar a day makes me feel like a teenager... Irrational, impulsive and my complexion is awful."
“40 teaspoons of sugar daily made me feel like a teenager…  Jeans got tight, skin got bad and I can’t stop slamming doors & crying.”


"Is Snoopy 65 in dog years?"
“Is Snoopy 65 in dog years?”

Frog Gossip Girl

"Kermit & Miss Piggy have broken up... Now's your chance to bag a celebrity."
“Kermit & Miss Piggy have broken up…  This is our chance to hookup with a celebrity.”


"Forget Batman vs. Superman, how about multi-task mom and all the crap I gotta get done?"
“The Adventures of Multi-Task Mama, fighting stress & getting crap done.”


"Fifty Shades of Beige is not based on our marriage."
“Fifty Shades of Beige is not based on our marriage.”

Thrones R Us

"Game of Thrones Finale means we'll have to live dragon free."
“Game of Thrones Finale… I’m going to miss my mayhem & dragons.”

Vanity Fabulous

"I envy Caitlyn Jenner, she got to skip menopause and looks 65 year's young."
“I envy Caitlyn Jenner… At age 65 she looks amazing and didn’t have to deal with menopause.”

Dog Star

"If you're not on BuzzFeed, you're not trending."
“Have your people get you on BuzzFeed.”