Category: Industries/Professions

Work Life Imbalance

"Corporate wants us to change employee behavior, so who wants to be hall monitor this week?"
“A chronic complainer, gossiper and office snitch just got promoted… That’s one way to get rid of us older workers.”

HR Hell

"So, your hopes and dreams are just finding a job?"
“What was the best part of your career when you had one?”

Dollars & Sense

"Press one for English,  two for Spanish and three for Aggravation?"
“Press one if you’re a professional, press two if you’re an underpaid professional woman.”

Hear and Now

"I hear what you're saying - I'm just not going to listen to it."
“I hear what you’re saying – But we have no immediate plans to listen.”


"In lieu of a holiday party - We're asking employees  to just suck it up and deal."
“In lieu of a holiday party – We’re asking employees to vent about which managers suck.”

Chat & Chew

"Cheeseburger deluxe, fries and a chocolate shake...  Wish I could wear a robe to work too."
Cheeseburger deluxe, fries and a chocolate shake… Wish I could wear a robe to work.”


"Larry quits his job and becomes a binge-watcher."
“Larry quits his job to become a professional binge-watcher.”