Category: Dogs

Good Gravy

"Today's the day, they're finally tired of their turkey & stuffing and they dump it in our bowl."
“Half went in the garbage, half in our bowls. Gotta love two days after Thanksgiving leftovers.”

Dog Performance Reviews

"Someone's been marking the conference room rug."
“Your composure during thunderstorms – tells us you view problems as opportunities.” 

Dog Polls

"Yes, I definitely have time to answer your short survey.."
” Press 1 if you fairly get treats. Press 2 if your treat system is rigged.”

Political Watchdog

"I am using my indoor bark!"
“His bark is as bad as his bite.”

Dog Compass

"Dogs prefer to poop while aligned with the north-south axis of the Earth's magnetic field...As for owners picking it up, science hasn't solved that one."
“The reason why we circle; Pups poop along Earth’s north-south magnetic lines. As far as owners picking up pet waste, science still has no answers.”

Your Dog Wants to Tell You


"It's got a crunchy texture, with peas and carrot thingies. How do we tell these people we just want hamburgers."
“Totally over kibble with peas & carrot thingies.How do we convince them we just want burgers?”

Hey, It’s The VMA’s


"Unlike self absorbed poseurs, I have about the same musical ability."
“Dogs always keep it real… That’s why we’ll never be at the VMA Awards.”

National Dog Day

"Did we have fun in doggy-day care today?"
“Did we have fun in doggy day care?”


"Same dry dog food, different day. At least we have a loving home."
“Same dry dog food, different day… At least we’re in a loving forever home.”

National Mutt Day

"Today's your day Rusty, so drive to the nearest burger joint and we'll celebrate."
“You’re driving, so lunch is on me Rusty.”