Category: Aging

Age Before Beauty

“Christie Brinkley posed for SI Swimsuit edition at age 63. Our problem is we’re too short.”

50+ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

"Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? How about Sylvia's Secret stuffed cabbage recipe?"
” Our show will feature tummy control panties, support bras &  fuzzy sleep socks.”

Spot On

"It hasn't even been a week yet and I've got age spots from this election."
“I just noticed an age spot, and I’m totally blaming this election year.”

Break Up to Make-Up

"I wish I could have a no-make-up look... But my wrinkles and eye-bags would miss their cover-up stick."
“Wish I could embrace the ‘no-make-up look’ –  But my wrinkles and eye-bags have a strong love-hate relationship with their concealer.”


"In Tech you don't find too many folks over 40. Over 50? Nope. Over 60? That's where you'll find the Presidential hopefuls."
“In Tech they avoid hiring folks over 40. Over 50? Nope. Over 60? That’s where you’ll find the Presidential hopefuls.”


"Your year's of experience just age you."
“Honestly, your years of experience just age you.”

Forgot Your Kids Moved Out?

"I'm just finishing up all the summer ice-cream cones I bought this summer, what are you doing?"
I’m trying to finish up that box of 40 ice-cream cones. Back in June, it seemed like a good idea.”

Hey, Hey We’re the Boomers

"The Monkees debuted fifty year's ago today on NBC? Seriously?"
“The Monkees” debuted on TV fifty year’s ago. That was a quick half century.”

Afternoon Delight

"Yes, constant complaining is part of the normal aging process."
“Let’s clear out our expired vitamins,catch a matinee, and then try early bird tapas.”

Work Life Imbalance

"Corporate wants us to change employee behavior, so who wants to be hall monitor this week?"
“A chronic complainer, gossiper and office snitch just got promoted… That’s one way to get rid of us older workers.”